Hosted Emails

Emails As Professional As You Are

SWFL IT Support provides an affordable and effective email solution for businesses of all sizes: a private, fully hosted Microsoft Exhange email server. We take the hassle out of managing company email by handling it all for you. With pricing comparable to installing self managing an email server, there's no reason not to leave it to the professionals.

The Benefits of Hosted Email:

  • Superior spam filtration - no more annoying or dangerous emails filling up youor inbox
  • Scalable - to fit your company's needs as you grow, both in terms of space and users
  • Data loss prevention - messages and content saved remnotely on the exchange server
  • Secure - all incoming and outgoing emails are completely encrypted
  • Uniformity - look like the professional team you are with emails that match company-wide
  • Organized - set up separate inboxes for the different departments in your company

Craft the Image You Want Your Customers To See

Hosted Email Solutions are not only a wise investment in terms of security; they also serve as an extension of your company's brand. By using your company's name as your email address, customers will feel assured that they are in contact with the approriate person.