Network Security

Go Beyond Endpoint Protection, and Secure Your Entire Computer Network

Network breaches are becoming more common. Our experts are here to assist in dealing with this growing security concern.

We provide security risk management and assessments of your current network, and then recommend ways we can further secure your netwokr and data.

Security services include:

  • Database Management
  • Information Security
  • Physical security services
  • IT infrastructure continuity

Disaster Preperation and Discovery:

  • Onsite or hosted backups
  • Firewalls
  • Virus protection
  • Internal Access Control Systems
  • Data loss prevention and monitoring

Wireless Network Solutions

SWFL IT Support also provides secure public wireless solutions in public areas, including hotels, restaurant, and larger venues.

Our secure wireless package include:

  • Advanced Network infrastructure - a site survey to determin the best wireless equipment needed for your unique network environment
  • Security Policy - We set up the necessary security to ensure the wireless users are protecred as well as the network that supports them
  • Remote Administration - We're capable of providing support to the network remotely, as soon as an issue arises
  • Security Appliance - We use the industry leader's top equipment to implement the network and necessary security