Software-Defined WAN

High-Performance Networks at Cost-Saving Prices

SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) is a technology that uses Software-defined networking (SDN) concepts to provide software-based control over wide area network connection. It enables distributed organizations to build, operate and manage high-performance networks using readily-available, low-cost public Internet services. An alternative to more expensive technologies such as MPLS, Secure SD-WAN allows retailers, banks, manufacturers and other organizations to connect sites spread over great distances for the purpose of sharing data, applications and services. Features such as intelligent Failover, load balancing help ensure more consistent performance and availability of critical business and SaaS applications.

SD WAN Offers Serveral Key Benefits

  • Application-aware routing
  • Dynamic path selection based on Latency, jitter, and/or packet loss
  • User-defined thresholds for quality assessment
  • SD-WAN Interface Groups for WAN and VPN Numbered Tunnel Interface
  • Path Performance Probes for metrics
  • Connection-based traffic distribution
  • Automatic connection Failover over VPN
  • Provisioning and management (GMS and Capture Security Center)
  • Zero-Touch Deployment firewall configuration
  • Centralized management and policy configuration